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Valencia, CA
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reply to rit56

Re: Rate Hikes

said by rit56:

Does anyone here think it will ever get to the point where people truly leave in large numbers? Second question will regulation return?

Non-sports fans might cut the cord. If you've ever used Netflix streaming on a big screen, it's quite good. Stuff is just a season or two behind. Once you use it, it's VERY clear why the networks hate it, and why all the Video-service-slash-ISPs are seeking data transfer caps to limit it. It's a ton of commercial free entertainment for a very low monthly fee.

That will still leave a hefty percentage of customers that will keep subscribing because they "just have to" be able to watch those games in real time. There are a lot of sports fans out there and I doubt the 300lb gorillas involved with that programming are going to risk disturbing their cash cow.

There's also some perspective to consider too. Even $150-ish for a month of entertainment is relatively cheap compared to going out to the movies, out to dinner, a music concert, or drinks in a bar. Competition is really the only thing keeping prices down.
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