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Kane, PA
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reply to Koil

Re: Path of Exile

said by Koil:

said by bionicRod:

said by Koil:

I started a Templar as well, and really enjoying him, too. He's 21-ish at the moment.

So what's the templar play like? A Str+Int character seems so weird to me. Are you hitting shit with a big stick and then frying them with magic?

Kinda just been going the melee route, honestly....leap slam and twirlytwirl, whatever that skill is. I want to go staves, but right now the best weapon I have is an axe and it pretty much one hits everything....so not sure where this guy will go, honestly, but he's fun, no doubt about it.

I made a Templar as well, my Marauder is too far to change much at this point.

I am finding (seems like most games) that range is much better than melee.

My maruader (lvl 69) is groundslam/heavy strike build, and while decent, i take alot of damage from ranged mobs, takes awhile and seems slow.

The Templar (Lvl 59) is spell totem/summoner using freeze pulse/arc

Some mobs take awhile to kill but im having a much easier time thus far. Im still toying with spell totem, both links seem decent.

Spell totem + Arc + Greater projectiles + chain


Spell totem + Ice Spear + greater proj + faster projectiles

Still playing with it, but i am tearing through stuff decently in Act2 merciless so far.