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Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to rit56

Re: Rate Hikes

Why does CATV and Sat go up so fast?

Simple, The content owners keep wanting more and more money. This is driven in part because some stars keep wanting more and more money(500k per episode is not enough for some, Why they cannot do their job for 200k a year I dunno. They do less work than a Plumber.) But since as a society we keep feeding the machine, it would be dumb of the stars and content companies not to try for more money. I am pretty sure the plumber would ask for more too, But his profession has actual competition.
[65 Arcanist]Filan(High Elf) Zone: Broadband Reports


·Verizon FiOS
The content owners demand higher carriage fees, then when the MSO's and Satellite companies try to fight them, people switch providers in groves. Then these are the same people to bitch about their high TV bills.

As a whole, we are responsible for these high TV prices, because NONE of these cable companies are raking in ridiculous profits.

So on 3, everyone stop tuning to ESPN, go read a book instead. Ready... 1...2....3 !!

Oh, not ESPN? Must be AMC who is one of the biggest bullies against providers these days. Sorry, we wont talk about them until their carriage fees are $4 a month.