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Tavistock NJ
reply to clos000

Re: Check Sensorly.com for the current 4G coverage in your area!

said by clos000:

Sprint LTE has been up in the Bay Area since last year. Check Sensorly.com and they can give you a user updated view of the current coverage. While it's not as big as Verizon, it is growing pretty rapidly.

Sensorly data has a major failing. Very few people put it on their phones, so the maps are highly inaccurate.
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Rushville, IL
I have noticed at least from the s4gru crowd that they go out of their way to map. They will take different routes to map new areas. Some use it as a reason to take a trip. They are much more up-to-date compared to the Sprint maps. Sprint maps only show areas that they have officially launched. Sprint also has the tendency to overstate the coverage in some areas. It seems that they have changed propagation parameters in the not to distant past. I have some engineering and propagation stuff from when a site went live and they differ a lot from what is now on sprint.com. Nothing has changed but Sprint is showing more coverage than is actually present.


reply to FFH5
Sensorly maps are pretty accurate to me for my area. The people on s4gru are very enthusiatic sensorly users who update constantly. Guess not many users are in your area.

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Onion, NJ
If anything sensorly shows less, not more. If you analyze the map, you can fill in the blanks.
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