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This is a sub-selection from It's their right.


Waterford, MI
reply to ptbarnett

Re: It's their right.

said by ptbarnett:

Comcast and NBC are a private company. They have the right to choose what they broadcast.

This is entirely true.

Likewise I have the right to chose with whom I'll do business. For my Internet connectivity I have little choice, but, where video content is concerned: I have lots of choice. I have no subscription TV, but, were I to consider it, Comcast has removed themselves utterly and completely from any possible future consideration, with this move.

said by ptbarnett:

However, one should remember their actions when viewing their purported "neutral" coverage of related issues.

NBC is best-known, by some of us, as the media giant that makes stuff up. They did it years ago with the exploding truck fiasco. They did it more recently, but I don't recall the incident atm. (ISTR it involved some "artful" editing of some video footage, resulting in the segment appearing to be something completely other than what it really was.)

Comcast says they're doing this because it was NBC's policy. But it was Comcast acquired NBC, not the other way around. So Comcast's explanation is a bit disingenuous, in my view. Given NBC's past: It looks like they and Comcast will get along swimmingly.

Either way: Yes, both NBC (the initials of which many of us feel stands for Nothing But Crap) and Comcast (to whom many refer as "Comcrap" - coincidence?) have made it clear they are most definitely not to be trusted as fair, balanced or impartial media sources.

In short: Neither has any credibility, in my view.



Fremont, OH
Comcast did acquire NBC but for the most part they still are pretty much separate companies.