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« Guns pointed at people??
This is a sub-selection from It's their right.

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN

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reply to tshirt

Re: It's their right.

said by tshirt:

And in fact, live under tighter restrictions (FCC, FTC, etc.) on what they may publicly display then any individual, and most other businesses.

But they are also using airwaves granted by the federal government for ultimate use by the people. The FCC already requires licensees to not discriminate in signing advertising content contracts, particularly to prevent requirements such as "no urban" or "no spanish" requirements.

Comcast and NBC are private companies. And I'm generally in favor of government staying out of telling businesses how to operate. However the government (both federal and local) have granted them a defacto monopoly or at least oligopoly both for the cable system as well as NBC. With that might come some responsibility for airing of commercials that they don't agree with, but are for legal and legitimate businesses.

Miami, FL
·Comcast Business..
Don't let the government touch anything else. We can't even trust them to do a task that a couple of 4th graders could do better. As far as advertisement goes they will just lose money and piss off a few customers and lose even more money.

The way they tell people to go screw themselves is by buying the company that allowed such advertisements and because it fits the political agenda it will slide right through.

Then when you decide to cancel your service the company will cry and complain that they will need to lay off a couple of employees due to bad sales and the government hands them a check with money that they pulled from your income for a bailout or to save jobs and it would look good on them and so will the company.

Since companies now are considered as people they can be on welfare too!


Fremont, OH
You really think Comcast/NBC is going to lose a lot of money over this??? The gov't may have granted NBC use of the airwaves but once it is on a private system, that is different. But also, since Comcast/NBC owns the network broadcasting those ads, they are free to choose who they allow and who they don't.

Snohomish, WA
reply to cdru
Free speech allows YOU to say "I LIKE GUNS", it does not guarantee that XYZ co. can sat" WE WANT TO SELL GUNS" in all venues.
This is a restriction of a product type regardless of the sellers age, gender, sexual identity, race or other protected class.
It would be a violation to say, only straight white males may advertise guns.

Miami, FL
reply to TBBroadband
What is a lot of money to you?

Yes, they are free to choose I was never against that. What I don't want is the government to get involved in the matter because the result would be much worse than a few blocked gun ads.