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Tavistock NJ
reply to FF4m3

Re: Rid Yourself Of Adobe: Firefox 19.0 Gets JS PDF Viewer

said by FF4m3 :

Rid yourself of Adobe: New Firefox 19.0 gets JAVASCRIPT PDF viewer:

Mozilla's Firefox web browser now includes a built-in PDF viewer - allowing users to bin plugins from Adobe and other developers.

The move to run third-party PDF file readers out of town comes after security holes were discovered in closed-source add-ons from FoxIt and Adobe. The new built-in document viewer is open source, just like Firefox, and is written in JavaScript.

And why won't these open source PDF readers become targets of hackers? If they gain large numbers of users(like they will when included in Firefox) they will also become targets.
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Lake Hopatcong, NJ
You can atleast head into about:config and look up 'pdfjs.disabled' and switch it to True.


reply to FFH5
In general, when security faults are found in open source software they are fixed quite quickly.

On the other hand, open source software tends to be made to a better coding standard then proprietary, since nobody is answering to some boss that wants everything done as fast as possible to save money in the short run.