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Houston, TX

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This I Do Not Like About Team Fortress 2

Here are the things I do not like about TF2 do get me wrong this game is still a 5.5 to 6 out of 10

Spies are to over powering they can kill heavy full energy with one hit I hate this more than anything

Guys cheating with the aimbot hack or some type of energy hack when cheating is not allowed

Snipers on most maps are pointless to use and most of this characters weapons suck

Scout all this characters weapons suck too

Heavy is to slow needs to move about 30% faster

Playing on a map when one teaming has 3 or more snipers wish TF2 would only allow 1 sniper and 2 medics max per team on most maps

playing on a crappy map with to many players teams with more than 6 players on a team is kinda hard to play

When your playing on a map with all bots and the bots can not be killed

Map with all bots and the engineer builds a gun and dispenser in a spot where they will not do jack or the engineer is poisoned in between the gun and dispenser so they the engineer can not be killed

People that play on a map make 5 to 10 kill and leave and do not try to complete the mission

People that just run around killing everyone and ignore the mission

A lot of the maps just suck

People that play for 10+ hrs every day playing on a map with someone like this they are so good you think they could be cheating but there not

TF2 does not have servers for different skill levels so like someone who had played like a month straight of time can play with others who are this good or servers for only mid skilled players like myself
TF2 needs to keep track or of you skill points and only allow to play on a server that is in your skill range

Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit
Where have you been for the past seven years?

Critical TF2 review without mentioning hats? EPIC FAIL!


Houston, TX
Hats are so pointless waste of money

Akira 28

Garfield, NJ
reply to DJboutit
Only thing that bothers me the f out in tf2 is the new spy sapper that can kill your whole set up in seconds


Houston, TX
^^^ I hate the spy zapper to

Detroit, MI
reply to Akira 28


Sacramento, CA
reply to DJboutit
I give TF2 a 1/10 because TFC exists and it makes TF2 look bad in comparison.

Simply the best
Belgrade, MT
said by Ratman_84:

I give TF2 a 1/10 because TFC exists and it makes TF2 look bad in comparison.

"This thread has more subs than the actual game." Phantasee, in reference to SWTOR