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reply to acanac101

Re: How many have switch from Acanac DSL To Acanac Cable?

said by acanac101 :

I have switched over and result I found out this when i ask fro my deposit of $49.95 back.

This is their respond to the refund request:

Your modem was converted to a purchase when this change took place and as such is no longer refundable.

In Quebec they can't do this.
Maybe in Ontario they can.

The Prov you live in will determine what consumer protection laws are applicable to you.

Anyhow, you can also file with the CCTS for a refund that has never been returned, and instead buried in some obscure website, and how you were never properly informed etc..

In Quebec you would be entitled to the deposit + interest on the amount since the day you gave it.

Sometimes Acanac states they work by Ontario law only (as seen in this forum), but that is not the way it works legally, and when providing services in Quebec.