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Cleveland, TN
reply to dgreen80

Re: [General] HomeFusion or Millenicom 3G/4G Hotspot Plan?

First of all I totally agree with Jim_in_VA...but:

Before seriously considering HomeFusion as an alternative be sure to verify with Verizon that you are in the 4G coverage area. In my case my mailbox (on the county road) is in the 4G LTE EXTENDED area (per Verizon's map). The house is almost 1/2 miles away on a ridge significantly higher and is in the 4G LTE coverage area (per Verizon's map). Good coverage at my house has been verified on site by a Verizon associate.

The problem is that even though everyone involved knows the house receives a strong signal, the software that generates their work orders won't accept my street address (mailbox) because the mailbox is in their 4G LTE EXTENDED coverage area.

All this is to say that I've been a happy Millenicom user ever since.

Good luck in your own adventure!


Black Earth, WI
Am going through the same experience with Verizon and Fusion as you. They just gave me the opportunity to research a little furthe...talk about shooting themselves in the foot...Millenicom looks like a pretty good option.


Allen, TX
So I'm going to ask the next question..

If I have a homefusion now and wanted to change over to the Millenicom service could I? I'd need a new SIM card, but I am not sure if Homefusion has a SIM card. If it did it would be cantenna for sure, so some dissection would be needed.

And you'll ask why I want to do this. The main reason is that I've invested in this hardware already and the fact that I have it mounted up on an antenna mast helps me.. Down low on the ground the signal isn't spectacular, but mounted up high it works perfectly. If I went to a mifi I'd have to get a repeater system which costs several hundred.