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Dahlonega, GA

Painfully slow speeds during peak hours. A new modem?


I've been having really bad speeds during peak hours for the last month. However, when the clock hits midnight or right before, the speeds go back to normal (12mbps). I had a tech come out to my apartment and he said that he's seen some errors and he recommends that I should upgrade my Siemens Speedstream 4200 modem to a newer one. He gave me the option of buying one from Walmart or getting one directly from Windstream.

Now I don't really believe what he's saying. If a modem is bad, wouldn't it be bad all the time? But if I were to upgrade my modem, do you guys think I should get a 3rd party one or the official Windstream version? Which 3rd party modem should I get?

Many thanks in advance!


To be fair, the 4200 is a pretty old model (I think it's the first I had a few years ago). However, it sounds like Windstream (shockingly) oversold your area, so no amount of new modems will ever fix that.


Carmichaels, PA
reply to mrcultureshk
For me... the 4200 (which I had) was a rock solid modem until it crapped out so if it's still working I would use it. If you want it replaced then make sure you do so at Windstreams expense so If they think the modem is the issue have them replace it.

I personally would not buy a modem as it's part of the service your paying for but they will try to rebuke this so you'll need to take it up the chain of command within Windstream. You should also look over the posts in the forum about other users having issues with speed and note their location (GA AREA) as I've seen others with speed issues in your area so it's likely a network issue and not the modem since your speeds return to normal once the prime time traffic hours pass.