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Fort Smith, AR
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Re: Not competitive?

said by 15444104:

said by elray:


Most households have a choice of 3 or 4 pay-tv options.

Perhaps they do in SoCal but not most of the rest of the country.

I agree Charter was basically going to raise my internet price by 50% in one bill, and I don't even use that much bandwidth....If they don't have other options soon I will be leaving them and getting basic ATT DSL at 30$/mo. I will NOT pay for speeds I won't use and don't want.

Hogwash. I have at least 4 here in small town America, where cable internet doesn't even reach(without the help of my 2.5 mile wireless backhaul link to a modem I have hosted across the lake I created to get Time Warner Cable internet back and ditch dreadful Verizon DSL, the whole town's only option). It's called crappy analog cable from Charter(all they offer here, no HSI or phone) or Satellite provider A, B, and C(maybe more). The Satellite providers compete with cable nationwide and with each other. Now, if you said there was no competition on affordable fixed-line broadband, I would agree with you. My town, only served by Verizon with 6 week service calls, a slow, lossy connection that goes down more than a $2 whore, and numerous billing errors that get referred to outsourced tech support, is a shining example of this(Why I spent a few grand on equipment to backhaul a TWC connection, which is serving me very well).
A fool thinks they know everything.

A wise person knows enough to know they couldn't possibly know everything.

There are zealots for every OS, like every religion. They do not represent the majority of users for either.