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How to make certain WPS is disabled on Arris TG852G?

Hello guys,

I'm on Comcast with an Arris TG852G model and want to be certain WPS is disabled. There is a WPS button on the top of the gateway. It is not lit or blinking. One time I pressed it because I wasn't too sure what it did, and if I remember right all it did was blink a few times. Nothing connected then and nothing has ever connected other than my computer (which is wired) as far as I can tell. Now that I know WPS is no-good crap I want to make sure it is disabled. I check logs regularly and have seen nothing weird.

The gateway wifi is set with WPA2-AES with a random 63 char printable ASCII key so I'm good there. I don't even use the wifi portion and want to keep it as secure as possible (can't see that there is a way to disable the wifi or I would!).

There is a button in the gateway config under Wifi for "ADD WIFI PROTECTED SETUP (WPS) CLIENT". Not sure if I need to go into that to see, because I don't want to actually add a client I want to have it completely disabled. Would rather have some confirmation before I go clicking through things.

Then I guess I'll end up running Reaver or something just to be sure. I don't like to leave things to chance.

Appreciate any help and assistance with this guys. Google search wasn't much help.

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Bethlehem, PA
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1 recommendation

#1 In the router go to Connections -> WIFI

#2 Click on the Edit Button.

#3 In there, there should an option to disable wireless completely.

#4 If you do not see it, take a screen shot and post what you see after you went to Connections -> WIFI -> Edit.

a) »take-a-screenshot.org/

b) Save as a JPEG or GIF

c) Upload the image using the Got Attachment
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