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Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
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reply to Willy087

Re: Great deal

said by Willy087 :

I had the 15/5 for $54.99, and had been trying for months to try and call to get a deal for a higher speed that would take into account somehow the grandfathered rate I have, but my bill would have increased by about $30 which I couldn't justify. Boy am I glad I waited, I will gladly pay $64.99 for 50/25. With ethernet I have been able to get those speeds, over Wifi I get about 21/20, any suggestions?

Ahem, actually.. it's $20.. you forgot the bump to 25 first..
$10 to get to 25mbit, then another $10 to ge to 50 ($74.99)
Worth it? Not really, the cost to Verizon is less than 30 cents per unlimited megabit-- so a fair price would be $1 per megabit these days.

Not sure how you get there, I was paying $54.99 for 15/5, now I pay $64.00 for 50/25

OMG, you were paying $54.99 for 15/5???? No wonder they gave you 50/25 for $10 more. I am currently paying $40 for 35/35, and I thought that paying an extra $10 more for me to convert to 50/25 was ridiculous, but it's a bargain compared to what you've spending.

I'm going to give them a call about converting, but from my perspective the conversion should free, or no more than $5... and you should try to get them to reduce your cost to $50 max.


I think your $40 for 35/35 is bundled price for Internet only while Willy1's $54.99 for 15/5 is Internet only price without any other service from Verizon.

That would explain it, but it amazes me how much more they charge for non-bundled subscribers.