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Can I have both DSL and FiOS at the same time?

Verizon is in the process of wiring my neighborhood for FiOS. A Verizon rep came by and left a flyer on my door for 30 free days of FiOS service after rebate with no strings attached. Verizon will send me a check for $210 to cover the bundle, activation fee, and set top box fees. No mention of a contract being required.

If I later decide I don't want FiOS, I still want to be able to use my DSL service, can I do this once I accept a FiOS offer or am I stuck with FiOS for good if I take the bait?

Here's a link to a flyer with the same wording as the one I received (different dates of course):
»bandf.propertysolutions.com/medi ··· 5321.pdf

Dallas, TX
Typically - no.

Once your address is converted to FiOS, typically you can't get DSL.


Commenting from the Dallas area.

Warwick, RI

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reply to vulgate
you may be able to keep DSL but BEFORE you even think of biting the FIOS bait you need to switch ur DSL to a 3rd party CLEC like DSL Extreme. Once on DSL extreme just make sure they dont cut your copper off when installing the FIOS and then you can have both FIOS and DSL through a third party. If you try to stay on Verizon DSL they will hound you to no end and i believe those bundles they are pushing have TV and phone in them as well.


Red Bank, NJ

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reply to sphinxguy18
I agree - the option for DSL no longer exists once FIOS is available at your address. It may take a little while, but it quickly disappears as an option. Also, it will no longer be resold by DSLextreme or NetZero, since they only sell ATT or Verizon service. Even if you say you want to go back to the old phone service, I think they will only give you FIOS at an old phone price. They do not want to maintain the copper wires.