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Upper Marlboro, MD

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reply to AlanM

Re: Horrible youtube speeds

After testing out youtube most of today while at work, I am now inclined to believe it is a Verizon issue.
I tested out my speed at work on speakeasy and it came back 40 down 23 up. I played many youtube 1080p videos while at work and none of them buffered at all.

I have a 50/25 FIOS connection at home and I get constant rebuffering on youtube even when I play at 480p, 720p throughout the day. I have a roku box with youtube as well and I get the same thing.
I guess its just a FIOS youtube issue since Netflix HD usually plays without a problem.

Lakeland, FL
·Verizon FiOS

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Your work and Verizon have different peering points / networks

Your work peering likely doesn't have any residential users trying to play YouTube stuff ( in the millions ), The choke point is the Google to Verizon peering connection, its up to Google to increase the peering, Not Verizon. Verizon is not responsible for all the content sources.

Netflix is paying literally multi-millions a year for peering, hence why Netflix works and Google doesn't

Sorry just how the internet works


Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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You don't pay for peering, hence the word "peer", which means "equal".

The content provider pays for their Internet connection, then the ISPs pay for their own connection.

Because the ISP wants to lower their costs and the content provider wants to lower their costs also, they peer with each other instead of paying a middle-man.

Most of the time, the ISP wants to increase the quality of their connection to major content providers in a bid to be competitive, but with a lack of competition, Verizon has no reason to increase quality.

Netflix has a whole other issue. They are a paid service, unlike Youtube, and Netflix competes with TV, so they want to give comparative quality.

In order to increase quality, Netflix pays a premium above normal content providers in order to help ISPs with increased load caused by streaming services.


Malvern, PA
reply to guppy_fish

Neither Youtube nor Netflix works on my 50/25 FiOS.
The speeds instead of 50/25 are in the range of 36/11, the ping is in the 50 ms and jitter between 3 and 53 ms.
This is to Verizon speedtest site, don't get me started about other sites.
It is Verizon's problem with peering and routing and hardware on their network.


Upper Marlboro, MD

I have never had a problem with Netflix. Netflix and Amazon Prime Streaming run perfectly in HD for me. It is only youtube.