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« Guns pointed at people??
This is a sub-selection from It's their right.

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Re: It's their right.

said by tshirt:

said by NormanS:

.. the rate of 10 - 11 rounds per minute...

10-12 per minute isn't 1 plus rounds per second with a 30-50 round banana clip and a reload ...

It is sufficient for lethal work.

»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Wh ··· _Whitman

No semi-automatic "assault" weapon there.

No you can't go by the date or the location (though the CDC has a interesting interactive map showing were murder by gun happens, stay out of NOLA a few very unfriendly people ruin the whole bunch) but the one commanality of all those and more is semi-automatic assault style weapon and assault style fantasies driving that final push for fame, so removing the access to those weapons is one of logical methods to reduce the killing sprees.

Removing that weapon type won't stop mass shootings, it will only stop mass shootings with that weapon type.

You might say that Japan got it right when Hideyoshi Toyotomi banned firearms from Japan at the beginning of the 17th Century. No other country has such a low firearms death rate; but no other country has such a restrictive ban on firearms.

Are you prepared to ban the manufacture and sale of firearms in the United States? Are you prepared to confiscate the 300 million firearms currently extant in the United States? If not, than you don't have your heart in making this a "safe" society.

Unless you are suggesting it is their right.

Logical fallacy: Argument reductio absurdum.
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you're comparing a trained marksman, (who actually recognized his own mental illness even as he proceeded to kill) to a series of very deranged "kids" with excessively capable semi-automatic weapons
said by NormanS:

No semi-automatic "assault" weapon there....
... Removing that weapon type won't stop mass shootings, it will only stop mass shootings with that weapon type.

A lot of people in Colorado and Connecticut and Arizona and Wisconsin, etc. would be happy to start with that.
Nobody expects to disarm any existing owner (barring threats, irrational behavior, or criminal activity), and most weapons would still be available with the hope of buybacks and voluntary turn-ins removing/reducing big clips and certain weapon and ammo types overtime (If you don't think your kids are responsible, you shouldn't will your weapons to them, or ebay them to persons unknown)

The idea that we shouldn't start the process with some particularly dangerous weapons, because some would still exist is silly Should we also sell fissionable material? just in case you feel really threatened , by the new neighbor or gang down the street