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Re: WatchESPN, Watch Disney now live for Charter TV subscribers

said by mmainprize:

said by meskinct:

You got that right, i have none of these devices and don't need this service but must pay for it anyways.
Crappy deal for people like me.

You don't have a PC or laptop?

I have a PC but why would i want to watch TV on the PC if i have a larger screen TV in the same room.

In fact CBS don't have On demand, No Apps for the TV, and try to make me watch missed programs on the PC. But it is a pain because i use the PC for internet not to watch TV. Many of the main channels don't have an app for the TV (Samsung) but do for the PC or devices like tablets and phones. So it harder to watch a missed program on the TV, ABC on demand forces you to watch ads and disables Fast Forward during playback. I am paying for this content but am limited in many ways.

So my options are (to use all of 30 Meg lowest HSI tier, and not pay top dollar for the huge TV bundle) to connect the TV to the PC and run it as an HTPC, get OTA channels and internet channels, Netflixs and drop Charter $100 plus TV package. That seem to be the direction i am going, instead of $150 plus a month for TV and HSI, I could get what i need for about $75 a month.

I can see this is a great deal for the content providers, as they are making money many different ways from every cable TV customer for hundreds of channels that i do not watch or want, because it is bundled into the packages, we have no choice but to pay for it.

Have always felt/thought the same way about watching tv or playing games on a computer. Games I can sort of understand, if you're into that, but still not totally necessary to use the computer now a days.

Definitely have always thought it was a major waste to watch tv on a computer though.

We have one other choice really. It's called bend over!!
The Firefox alternative.
»www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonk ··· amonkey/

Mad Scientist at Work
Southbury, CT
To me, it makes a good second screen. Say, my wife is watching the 60" but I don't want to go upstairs to watch the race or my game. I just whip out the iPad, lappy or my phone and I'm watching what I want, where I want. Boom! Done.

It's also a great solution on XMAS day. Instead of talking to my family, I have sports in my pocket ready to go.

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