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Chantilly, VA

[DVR] Going from 3 DVRs to Multi-Room - Opinions

A few Quick questions, and yes I have searched the forums for this info, but the posts I found are from 2011 and earlier.

#1 -- I have 3 DVRs currently. If I keep one and change it to a Multi-Room, is that still just a software push, or do I physically need a new unit? The VZ website does not give me the option of upgrading an EXISTING DVR to a Multi-Room, only either returning a DVR, and then receiving a new MR-DVR. So if that is true, looks like I have to call CS?

#2 -- If I do go to a MR-DVR setup I will have the MR-DVR and 3 HD STB in other rooms (I will get rid of 2 of the DVRs and 1 old SD box and replace it with a HD)....can I still only watch 1 HD stream at the same time on any of the other boxes, and 2 SD for a total of 3 (I gather VZ still does not tell you that 2 of the 3 streams are SD)?

#3 -- If people are watching shows on 2 of the other STB (say 1 HD and 1 SD) can I still watch live TV on the MR-DVR, AND record 1 show at the same time?

#4 -- If people are watching shows on 2 of the other STB (say 1 HD and 1 SD) can I still record 2 shows on the MR-DVR, AND watch a recorded show on the MR-DVR?

#5 -- If I return 2 HD-DVRs and 1 SD STB to the VZ store and get 3 HD STB in return, do I avoid the $20 charge that VZ shows on the website for sending the hardware in the mail?

Am I missing anything else? Just trying to get a good I idea if I do switch the set-up how much limitation I will need to worry about.

Thanks for any insight.


Exton, PA
I added MR-DVR (AND kept my 2nd DVR) so I can answer some fro mpersonal experience.
1 - Yes, just a push
2- Haven't tested but I'm not sure that this change would impact VOD in any way.
3 - Yes
4 - Yes

FYI - You will defintely miss the ability to pause and rewind live TV on the non-DVR's.

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West Chester, PA
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reply to Vamp9190
No DVR swapping required, it's just a software push.

I have 3 DVR's, with only one of them designated as multi-room.

All 3 DVR's can share storage with each other, and every other box in the house sees each DVR as a multi-room DVR.

You only pay for multi-room once, but all DVR's in the same house inherit the same functionality.