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ATT List fo Service Addresses for UVerse....

My Father-in-Law live sin Key West and the houses of either side of him already have UVerse TV Service. When he called ATT to get info on services as he is thinking of switching from DirecTV, the ATT rep told him that his address did not qualify for UVerse TV, so it look slike the Service Addresses listed by ATT is incorrect....I know that I have seen posts here before on the best way to resolve this issue, but I can't seem to find them. Anyone know the best way to get ATT to have this issue corrected?


said by rcbrcb:

I know that I have seen posts here before on the best way to resolve this issue, but I can't seem to find them. Anyone know the best way to get ATT to have this issue corrected?

I would post in the sbc direct forum


Columbus, OH
reply to rcbrcb
Try posting in the AT&T direct forum as others have suggested

It's possible it's an error in the DB .. It's also possible that there are no more free ports on the VRAD servicing his area which is why the neighbors have it but he can't get it.


You don't even necessarily need to post in the AT&T direct forum. The company has a process for addressing an issue like this. I am not aware of how it works for residential customers, so I'll tell you a way to shortcut to make sure you get it done:

Call the AT&T customer service center for business accounts in the Southeast region. Prompts may initially ask you for the telephone number on your account. Enter nothing. Enter nothing when it asks again. Continue to enter nothing. When it asks if you're calling about your U-verse account, say "no". If I remember right, it replies "thanks, I'll just look that up", there's a pause, and then you are asked if you are calling about your home or business account.

Say "business". When you get a rep on the phone, very specifically say that you want to order business u-verse, but while the addresses on either side of you have "TV and Internet service" (very important you specify tv) address keeps coming up as service not available. Then, specifically ask that they open an "address validation case." Provide both addresses where service exists, and if they don't ask for them, specifically tell them to put them in the case notes (very important this info is there).

They will take your callback info, do not give an email address if asked (just say I don't have one, unless you don't care about the 2 or 3 emails you get from the rep, should service be available).

Finally, and this is VERY important - specifically ask them if it's being addresses to the Business IPDSL group or the Business NAFG group. Absolutely in no circumstance should the case be sent to the IPDSL group, or the wrong people are checking for availability of the wrong type of service.
Additionally, it is important that it go specifically to the BUSINESS NAFG group. NAFG group with no business in front of it is not what you want.

And for your last very important step: Get the case number before you get off the phone. It will start with a letter (recently, that letter has been "G") followed by a string of numbers.

Within 2 weeks (sometimes it takes awhile, especially if it's a build in situation involving engineering actually having stuff installed outside the building), you should get a phonecall telling you it's available.

If it is available, the fact that it was opened as a business case doesn't limit the service to being business service. Assuming it's dispatched

You can call any time and provide case number to check status. If you want to make sure it was properly dispatched (I would suggest verifying), immediately after opening the case, call again and get a different rep, provide case number, and ask them to verify the dispatch info with you.

It's a very efficient process, but only if the case is properly dispatched. The dispatch process is efficient, but there are occasional issues with people clicking the wrong groups when specifying the group that gets the case.

After maybe 5 business days, if you've not gotten a phonecall, you can call in and provide the case number and ask the rep what the case log says. Notes stating anything regarding engineering or build in are almost an automatic indicator of service availability, pending engineer work.

Notes stating "assigned to blah blah blah" mean it's in the queue to be looked at, which is before notes from engineering are possible. This means you're going to get the case done, with either confirmation or denial of availability.

Lack of either, and lack of "service not available" mean it has been improperly dispatched. Don't ask the rep to re-dispatch. Ask for a manager. If they say one isn't available, I'd suggest telling them you'll wait, but it is policy that a manager calls you back if not available when requested (in the bus. office, they are probably being truthful if first reply one isn't available, especially if you didn't yell)

This sounds like a lot of work, but really only initially to make sure properly dispatched, then a callback 5 business days later to verify.

This is the official way to get a "yes" or "no" from somebody who really knows, or to get a "yes" in a case where fieldwork is needed to get to a "yes".


Fremont, OH
You can now do this online. but it takes a moment to get the website to come up.