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This is a sub-selection from Duhhhh

El Quintron
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Re: Duhhhh

said by elray:

I am but a consumer of industry product, but unlike 90% of the partisans here, I give credit where and when it is due, even to terrible companies like AT&T.

My opposition to the daily shrill cries for "more, faster, cheaper", are philosophical - not in support of industry, but in opposition to collectivist action and government oppression through unlawful takings, taxation and monopoly power.

I'm not against cooperatives and local tax districts used for last-mile and middle-mile efforts, so long as they're approved by a supermajority vote of the taxpayers. But we get into trouble when we invite the likes of City Hall to run the show.

Sorry buddy I didn't get anything out of that except for some incumbent provider noise... must be something wrong with my monitor.
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