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2TB Sata drive space not recognized

I installed a 2 TB HD in a Dell windows XP Pro system. In the control panel/my computer, it shows 1.81TB free space in the C drive, but when I try to install a program , the message reads not enough disk space (-188 disk space.)

Please help

Carpentersville, IL
Sounds like it may be an issue with the program you are trying to install.

Depending on how old the program is, it may not be doing the calculation correctly for free space on the drive, as the drive is to large.

I've seen that happen on some older Windows 98/2000 applications. In my specific case, it was just a warning (program was able to be installed anyway), but it did report that after the program was installed, you would have something like -55 mb free.

--Brian Plencner

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Lynnwood, WA
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Agree with the previous poster -- the math is probably very obsolete.

There are several things you could try:
a) create a *HUGE* data file (~1.7TB) first, try to install the program, and then delete the data file afterwards.
b) create a relatively small (under 127 Gig) partition, then try installing it into that partition
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Wentzville, MO
Yeah, the free space amount is probably "overflowing" several times. If it's REALLY old, could it only be a 32-bit count...? *shrug* In that case, changing the free space by as little as 4GB could make it come out "right" (positive).

Anyway, a the easiest way to make files of whatever size (almost 1.77 TB here), from Command Prompt:

fsutil file createnew C:\HUGE.txt 1900000000000

I guess it'll work that big! I just tried a 400 GB one, which didn't take more than about 10 seconds (it doesn't write that much data, it's just filling in NTFS structures or something for a file that big).