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Scarborough, ON

[Internet] Bell Connection Hub or 2 Wire and Airplay

I recently received a new modem from Bell and quickly realized that Airplay no longer worked using the embedded router. I've tried both the Connection Hub and the 2 Wire and both fail to support Airplay. Surprisingly, they recognize/find the target (in this case an Airport Express) when I'm using iTunes on a Mac but fail when I'm using iTunes on a Windows based PC. My old LinkSys router works fine so I'm confident this is not a security issue on Windows. The only change is the modem/router. I've tried turing off all security on the router and connecting via WAN and/or LAN. Has anyone run into this issue? I raised this with Bell and after far too many calls and questions, was told to revert to using their device in bridge mode. Which defeats the purpose of having a built in router and file server. Does Bell support Airplay?


Apple products are notorious for not working in conjunction with bell routers, don't know why, but that's how it is. When setting up Apple equip, it either works or doesn't, again don't know why.