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[LA] Installing (updating) HDTV cable

My brother has had some problems with pixelation on his HDTV and called Cox and they came out and said that most of the cable is very old (he's had Cox installed since 1982!) and not able to handle the signal and would need updated cabling but was told they don't go into attics.

First, while this may be true, just in the last 6 years Cox has been in my attic 5 times, my mother in laws attic twice and my secretaries attic once so it can be done.

However, he mentioned that they installed all the cable there with only new cable installed for internet 8 years ago and when he went to HD and a DVR, they took his money and never mentioned that his cable was not adequate. A supervisor told him he had a good argument but there's nothing they can do other than charge him $110 PLUS other charges.

My question is.....which is the truth? They've always said that they will fix things if you don't have a good signal and in my case, they always have......IN MY ATTIC where COX installed service many years ago. What's changed now and does he have a chance?

I know that if a tech comes out and he gives him a few $$$ under the table or just happens to get a great and nice guy, they will do it but there's no guarantee.

Please opine!

Chesapeake, VA
The technician should be able to run new outlets however they may not be able to run them through the attic under certain conditions and wall fish isn't available except by special contractor in some markets. If a new outlet needs to be run we would do a basic installation such as a standard floor/wall/ceiling penetration which also requires a letter of permission if it's a rental.


reply to Beerlord2
coxtech1 just about covered our local policy to a tee. we will direct people to an electrician or other IT companies in town. as was explained to me, attics are confined spaces requiring several safety precautions to be followed and not worth the risk in most cases.

while i have worked in attics numerous times i have also refused as every house is different.