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Lakeland, FL
·Verizon FiOS
reply to AlanM

Re: Horrible youtube speeds

All your contract with Verizon is for connection to the internet, there are no metrics, read NONE, that say Verizon has to provide anything more than the route to an active IP on the internet and within Verizon's network, you going to get your provisioned linespeed, more than any other major broadband provider in the US

Google bought the farm when purchasing YouTube, it does bring in revenue through ads and "channels ", but nothing close to Netflix yet they have have reported 11% of the peak traffic, compared to Nextflex at 38%


Netflix as 25 million paying customers, since THEY have a contract with the customers to deliver, even at peak usage, they spend the money , and its big money, to meet there customers needs

YouTube is Free, Google can't afford to provide the same peering the Netflix has ...

Bottomline, you getting what you pay for with content providers that are free


Tampa, FL

I have never been able to stream youtube reliably since switching to FiOS from Brighthouse. I never had an issue with Brighthouse, but I have all but given up on Youtube. It doesn't matter what quality I select but all the videos stop at 3-5 seconds in and then take forever to load anything past that. It doesn't matter if I am on my phone, iPad, or PC.