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Clinton Township, MI
reply to bobjohnson

Re: HO Hum

said by bobjohnson:

Why does everyone think that the premium data charge is for 4g? It's for unlimited data on a smartphone! Even 3g only phones pay the extra $10.

Hmm, because Sprint has only changed the fee's name fee 2 times and so no reason to get yourself in a bunch. Back when Wimax was an itch in Dan's pants, YOU DID pay the extra 10 bucks if you purchased a 4G phone rather you lived in a 4G market or not. Had NOTHING to do with it being a smart phone, it just had to have 4G because that's what the charge was for and they told you up front in the store when you got the phone . I had purchased a NON-4G phone during all the hoopla and didn't pay the extra during the inital deployment of WiMax. However, later, in Jan of 2011, they changed the fee to a "smart phone fee" and EVEN if you already had a smart phone (for me I also had a TREO 700p that I used from time to time because of it's native roaming abilities) and activated it, you got hit with the (what was then) 4G fee now the "smart phone fee". . Gee, with the MAJORITY of the phones they pushed down our throats being "smart phones", no one seen that coming. But anyways, we pay 10 extra for SMART PHONES and 10 extra for the DATA (thanks to the iphone). Before the iPhone hit the shelves, the PD charge didn't exist. That's my experience from it all. The ONLY group who do not pay the PD fee are x-Sprint employees who still have employee accounts/phones .