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[Other] Insight Refuses to Install Service

We have been trying to get Insight service for almost 5 years with no luck. The houses 100' behind us have service and the one 50' to our right has service. The electric company ran new lines in front of our house last fall and sure enough, Insight put cable on the poles across the street from our front yard. Two months ago, the house two doors down (app. 375' away) got service. I called Insight and they actually scheduled an install. Of course when the tech got here, he saw we had no incoming service line. He called a supervisor who came out and said he would schedule an install with Insight construction.

I never received a phone call, even though I was told someone would call at least six times. No one will tell us what is going on or what we need to do to get service. We've been told that the notes for our address say we are too far from the line to get service, but a survey was needed. To our knowledge, no survey has ever been performed. They just come out, look around, and get back in their truck and leave.

The distance from the service pole on our left is 375' away. The distance to the service pole across the street is 250'. The distance to the service pole on the right is 200'. I see dozens of houses nearby that are over 600' from the main service line and have cable lines running to their house. The total distance from the power lines to the house on our left is over 500'.

What can we do. Thanks in advance.


Columbus, OH
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Pay a few thousand dollars and I am sure they will run a feeder to you.. Otherwise it sounds like they don't see a profit in running service to your single residence.

Just because there is a Insight cable running on the pole 500 ft away from you doesn't mean it's easy to drop a tap to you.

My guess is the "dozens" of houses that are near you that have it had some economic value to Insight to provide service..

All you can do is try to get hold of someone at your local office who handles Construction but for them to even consider it's likely going to cost you $$$$$$$$ to run a feeder to you to be able to service you.



Re: [Other] Insight Refuses to Install Service

If there was some "economic value" to run lines to the dozens of single houses in the area, I don't see why they can't run lines to the only two houses within five miles with no internet service.


reply to Matt7
And.........I don't know where you got 500' from. As my post clearly says, there are service poles 200' and 250' from the house.

Louisville, KY
reply to Gill
You don't stay where you are located, but in many localities, the government franchises the cable companies. If this is the case then it is quite likely they will have to do it to me the franchise conditions. You may want to check with your local governments regarding this issue.

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reply to Msradell
Thanks. I don't think there is any governing authority where I live (Spencer County), but I'm still checking into that.

I would be happy if someone that knows what's goiing on would simply call and tell me why I can't get service or what I need to do to get it. I've been told over and over that someone from constuction would call but have yet to receive one. It seems that no one at Insight cares whether customers or potential customers are happy. I certainly could not treat my customers this way.

Right now, we are using ATT Mifi and it seems to be working fine. Based on Insight's customer service, I might be better off without their service.


Lexington, KY
Are you friends with any of the homeowners that have Insight service that are close to you? If so I would ask them to look over their bill to see if it has a "Local Franchising Authority" listed. On my bill it appears as the last entry under "Cable Services".

For example, here in Lexington (Fayette County) the local franchising authority is "Office of Mayor, Telecommunications Officer" and provides the mailing and email address.


Columbus, OH
reply to Gill
Bear in mind also that TWC is running the ship so they may be cutting any big expenses like this until they integrate the system fully.


reply to jpatton1979
Good suggestion. I'll talk to some of my neighbors.