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Kailua, HI
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reply to devestated

Re: [Scam] Animal scammer

said by devestated :

This woman conned me out of 240 dollars. The same way as listed below... My family and I are trying to proceed legal action but we arent getting very far. We are at a stand-still and are waiting to receive an apparent refund (God knows if that will happen.....!) WOW i can not believe Sharon was a hoax the whole time....
IF you see DREAMYORKIEPUPS.COM do NOT inquire about "her" puppies!

Sorry to see that you were also also a victim.
Your post reply suggests the scammer may still be trying to scam you though.
First, meaningful 'legal action' is not going to occur- period.
Second, there isn't any refund that is going to occur either.
The concern is that you have been contacted about being a scam victim by someone who has offered assistance with either initiating legal action against the scammer or offered to recoup the $240.
If either/both of those 2 situations occurred & that's the basis of your post reply, then the person offering the assistance is a scammer trying to scam even more $ from you.

The secondary scam might look like:
"We've recovered your $240. Before we can deposit the funds into your account we need our 30% recovery fee of $72 sent via Western Union, we also need your account details..."

As personal/hurtful it is to be a victim of this scammer you need to accept that you've been duped & move on with the lesson learned without needing the lesson taught again (if that is indeed what's happening).