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Acanac Cable Internet - SERVICE ISSUES FOR 5 MONTHS


I had decided to get Acanac's cable internet in October of 2012, that's after a stellar year with them on DSL. Ever since I switched my internet service has not worked and the following is a description of what has happened so far:

October 2012:

Right after I got the modem connected it would enter an 'Access Denied' state (As shown on its website). I opened a ticket with Acanac support and called in to ask if I should cancel, the response I got was to try tech support and then if fails cancel. It sounded reasonable so I figured I will try to work it out and if it doesn't work the issue was reported in the first 30 days so I should be able to cancel as per their blessing.

November 2012:

It took until November 30th for them to start going through the troubleshooting stage which was apparently filling out details that are necessary in order to open a ticket with Rogers. What was interesting for me was that they neglected to consider the modem stats and logs that I had been adding to the ticket.

The modem logs had indicated that it was being told to release its IP address and the issue was that it would never get a response to its DHCP request causing it to enter an ACCESS DENIED state until a reboot or a power cycle.

Hence, after many arguments of trying to explain what DHCP is to tech support and considering the modem logs it became obvious very quickly that the person in charge of my ticket did not understand the scope of the problem nor the technology that it depends on.

December 2012:

I had gone through countless power cycles, factory resets etc. and filling out the Rogers requests to open a ticket at least 3 times now.

January 2013:

I was told to replace my modem because all modems get the errors that I get. I did so and there was no change, the issue still existed. This essentially showed me that the support department was unable to solve this issue (The online ticket now being extremely lengthy). I also had to deal with them closing the ticket on a number of occasions and not telling me. This was getting ridiculous!!!

So I decided to call the customer service department, and they told me to try support. I pointed out to them my lengthy ticket and that there seems to be a gap in the technical expertise and that I was being reasonable after trying to work things out (3 months). The lady in customer support wasn't even very honest she stated she read the ticket, when I eluded to the fact that the ticket was lengthy she said she just skimmed it. So no help from customer service!!!

February 2013:

I now decided to file a ticket to get a refund. The ticket got transferred to BILLING->RETENTION->SUPPORT, and now this was funny, the support person was asking me to check the modem lights and go through the whole ordeal from the beginning. So I called Acanac again and asked to have this ticket put through to billing for a refund the lady could not access this ticket for some reason. I called again and finally another lady was able to access the ticket and change the department to billing.

The ticket went again from billing to retention with the following response:

>Dear Client,

>After the initial 30 day period a customer must complete the remainder of the term. >Customer(s) may choose to cancel the account prior to the end of term however, no >refund will be issued for that period.

>We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing technical issues.

>Would you be willing to give our Specialists one last opportunity to see if there is any way >to fix the issues? We can have them contact you at your specified time. This usually takes >approximately 24-48 hours.
>We hope to hear back from you.

>Have a great afternoon,
>Customer Relations

The above response shows absolutely no care for what I went through as a customer and that it also indicates that the individual who sent the response didn't review the tickets that pertain to the situation. This and that no manager or customer service representative took care to review or take interest by at least giving me a call/email is beyond the lowest level of service that I have ever received! This is all after I was initially assured that I would get a refund if support can't help.


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I got some replies to my tickets. The response was that I will only get my initial amount paid(year prepaid) minus 5 months of service at regular rate.

The response was as follows:
(Dear valued client,

Thank you for your correspondence. We are sorry to hear that you have decided to cancel the service.

We must receive notification from you either ON or BEFORE your renewal date in order to avoid renewal fees. As we did not receive any notification, you will be assessed for 5 month of service (which you have used) at our regular monthly rate. The remainder of your payment is refundable to you.

Please reply back with your confirmation, so that your account can be adjusted.

Best Regards)

There was no regard or consideration given for the unresolved service issues given the existence of the lengthy technical service ticket(25 pages). This shows that the ticket was not read or even considered and that only the financial interests of Acanac are being considered here.

I suppose the only real course of action that I have left is to ensure that the community/better business bureau/CRTC at large is aware of Acanac's behavior which includes the following:

- Lack of any courtesy towards a customer
- No response to customer questions in the ticket system, only sporadic unexplained posts to tickets and the unwillingness to explain
- No response from management as to try and call the customer and resolve the issue (discuss where the issue is and how it can be remedied, customers are typically not unreasonable)
- Charging a customer at a full rate(5 months of usage) in the meantime the service wasn't working (modem is in access denied state, I have sold my modem early Feb 2013)
- Being unable to solve its technical issues and not taking any financial responsibility for it

I had also posted this on and it was removed without any notice. This shows the validity of that community in terms of valid customer concerns.


Toronto, ON
reply to pawelluk

Re: Acanac Cable Internet

I did what I could for you pawelluk, sorry it didn't work out for you.



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The public needs to know how Acanac operates, the service they offer and how it treats its customers.

I think I'm going to have the same issue...
Switched from dsl to cable....a week ago...
Had an Internet for couple disappeared
Now... Sitting waiting.... No Internet ...
No one even responded to my tickets first....
Had to call to get this even started.....


If your in your first 30days I would consider canceling. It took them more than 30days to even start investigating.


Montreal, QC
Why did you waited 5 months to cancel?


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They told me they can fix the issue and not to cancel until their technical service department looked into it. I was also told that since the issue was present in the first 30 days, it would not be a problem to cancel and get a refund.

So I gave them a chance since I had DSL with them for a year prior to this incident.


Montreal, QC
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reply to pawelluk


If you never get the service working at all (that is very important), just call you "credit card" to get a refund.

When you pay by credit card and don't get goods or service you can always get a refund from your credit card company.


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Yes I know about that, but in only works when your within or just after your billing cycle.

I filed with Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS), I await the outcome.

Its incredible how many people on here have gotten poorly treated by Acanac. I think the company is giving ISP's in general a bad name.

Some feedback you might find interesting:
»Review of Acanac by pawelluk


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