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Bronx, NY

[Services] Drop home phone line now?


I'm a newbie here. I just received my Earthlink modem today and had it set up. I knew that Earthlink says to close the verizon phone line first if I want free-standing DSL before setup.

But I didn't want to be without the internet until I got the modem from Earthlink, so I didn't cut the cord. Now I wish to know, may I discontinue the phone line without losing the internet in the process? Even though the internet is connected to the phone jack, will it be lost if I close out the phone?

Sorry if I seem slow about this; I'm 71 years old so I'm a little out of it.

Thank you for any help and advice you can give!

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Earthlink no longer offers stand alone DSL (originally offered in Verizon service areas only). You must now have a working phone line (aka local POTS line) or your DSL service will be disconnected when they are notified the phone service has been disconnected. Even if you switch to Verizon (the actual provider/vendor) you can no longer buy it from them either.

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