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« Guns pointed at people??
This is a sub-selection from It's their right.


Manitowoc, WI
reply to tshirt

Re: It's their right.

said by tshirt:

said by nonamesleft:

No! theres only a politically motivated shift opinion about guns, stop watching main stream media! They only are there to get propaganda out, not tell you the truth.

See, you are exactly the delusional paranoid that is convincing the general population that you and people like you are the problem, not the solution.

said by nonamesleft:

What about those assault weapons the government ran to mexican drug cartels?

A really bad idea that quickly went from bad to worse, but in no way justifies making more, faster better weapons available and accessible to delusional people like Adam Lanza to use on the kindergarten children in Sandy Hook.
Your constitutional right does not excuse you from reasonable and responsible regulation

The 2nd amendment protects the 1st amendement without it, the 1st amendment goes bye bye, hence no more freedom of speech.