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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to axus

Re: Duhhhh

said by axus:

In 2000, I was on Earthlink DSL for less than I'm paying now, at 25% of the speed. Adjusted for inflation, probably about the same. Meanwhile, their cost to provide the service has gone down much faster.

Before that, I had a symmetrical 10Mbit university connection which cost us about $30 in fees for 6 months. I will be satisfied with the market when I can have that same deal again.

Earthlink still sells DSL and cable service, and it is reasonably priced, if not downright cheap, depending on the offer. We have it at several sites.

When you return to the university and pay tuition, you can have cross-subsidized 10Mbit broadband again.

I'd rather we all pay the market price for service, so as to encourage as many sellers as possible to compete for our business and evolve their products.