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Naperville, IL
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Re: Floodlight question

said by Kramer:

said by Badonkadonk:

said by leibold:

The upper one looks very much like one I installed more then 10 years ago (also Heath Zenith but an older model). When the regular bulbs burned out I replaced them with CFL and they are still working fine today.

My only problem with it is that I mounted the fixture in the appropriate place for where I needed the light. Unfortunately that is far from the ideal spot for the motion sensor (which is more directional then I would have liked) because the light is being approached from the left or right side (never from the front).

My advise is to consider not just your light requirements but also the effectiveness of the motion sensor when deciding where to mount the fixture.

We have a couple of these. »www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000W3 ··· F8&psc=1

The motion sensors seem to work really well on these and there are a lot of adjustments to sensitivity, etc. that can be made.

1000 watts? You almost need a substation to keep them going

Hah, that's funny. I never even thought about that spec. For us, we just have a couple of 120W bulbs in them.

We used to have Heath Zeniths where the RABs are now. Both worked fine. The only thing is that with these lights, they get set off by the neighbors outdoor cat walking around. The HZs didn't do that, but would detect a person certainly. We just need to adjust the sensitivity.
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Sunnyvale, CA
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said by Tig:

Did the specs say it supports LED or CFL bulbs?

No, while it has been a long time since I installed them I'm pretty sure it explicitly stated incandescent bulbs only.

For a while I also ran it with one incandescent and one CFL since it didn't work with two of the CFLs I had first bought. When the second of the original incandescent bulbs burned out too, I tried one more time with a different brand CFL that was rated for dimming. Apparently the dimmable CFL allows sufficient current flow to support the operation of the daylight and motion sensor electronic.

Like Kramer See Profile, mine do start dim and then brighten up. I don't think this has anything to do with the motion sensor itself but merely using a CFL in low temperature outdoors.

Apart from the battery hassle, the idea of a remote motion sensor seems to be a good one (thanks Bob4 See Profile). I'm using this particular motion light for a long but narrow walkway with the fixture mounted in the middle (each of the two bulbs covering about 30-40 feet of walkway). The walkway ends at a wall on one side where I could mount a remote sensor. A narrow angle motion detector at that location should cover the entire length of the walkway. However the sensor would have to be good at reacting at people moving towards or away from the sensor in a straight line (in my experience, motion detectors work far better when the motion is parallel to the sensor surface).
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Richmond, VA
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I know you already bought the fixture, but I thought I would mention this for those that end up reading this thread. Costco has an instant rebate on a pretty cool outdoor security light. The head actually moves and follows the motion. There is a camera in the fixture that from what I can tell dumps the video or stills (not sure) to a memory card in the fixture. I guess if someone breaks into your car, you can get a ladder and retrieve the evidence. I'm not sure what the light type is. Normally these are $159 and I think they are $129 now. Still pretty expensive, but worth the price if you catch a thief.


Tucson, AZ
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I am now on 4th winter with one of these guys
Totally happy with it

A bit more $$ than what you you linked to

»www.amazon.com/Heath-Zenith-SL-7 ··· t+7001-b

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Springfield, MA
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Grandma's house
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My house
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Old fixture at my house
Here is the finished product. I also replaced the motion detector light at my house since the motion detector on it failed and it was on all the time. The one that I put in on my house is similar to the one I put on Grandma's house except I got mine in black to match the dark stained siding.


Rocky Point, NY
reply to IowaCowboy
For anyone who hates the halogen fixtures, you all do know you're not supposed to touch halogen bulbs right? You need to use a tissue or wear gloves when touching the bulbs. A 100w Halgoen T3 bulb is prob 1000 degrees when lit and the oil from your fingers destroy the bulb.

Halogens are also susceptible to vibrations. If the fixture is on a small tree or pole or above a door that is always slamming the bulb will not last long at all.

CFL or LED's can be used in outdoor motion detectors, however regular CFL's will take longer to start up if you live in an area w/ cold weather. There are CFL bulbs for outdoor use. (usually Par 38's). There are special CFL bulbs for using on dimmers but I haven't heard of anything different for a motion sensor.