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Baltimore, MD
reply to djrobx

Re: Wi-Fi

said by djrobx:

said by brianiscool:

Where I live in my complex there are 10 other access points. I just love the radation my body gets on a daily basis.

That's all? I see 14 (4 of which are mine, LOL), and I'm in a house in a suburban neighborhood. AT&T's U-verse is a big hit in our neighborhood, and their gateways put out a lot of power.

Them and Verizon both. Do a quick Site Survey in a densely populated area served by FiOS...

By the way, out of curiosity, why use different SSID's on each AP? Would it not be easier to keep the same SSID on each AP for the purposes of roaming between them?


That's what I always did when I lived in a rented house that needed two AP's to cover the entire house, Was much easier.


reply to PapaMidnight
yes u can roam around but still u will need to reconnect since each AP has its own mac...and ull be surprised why ur signal is so low....either way works ^_^