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San Jose, CA
reply to djrobx

Re: Protecting revenue

cable cutting is on the rise but its not dominant. Even young people (think college sports jocks) will subscribe to tv and often high costs are not problem because they split the bills with roomates.

I myself added uverse tv to my existing u-verse internet but I got it with promotion locked for 1 year so I pay for tv basically $30 a month. It includes HD, DVR, and 200 channels. Now I have access to HBO and HBOGO, for now for free for a few months, later subscribe only when my favorie series are broadcasted. Sure, I could save money and pirate from torrent sites or usenet. But I don't wanna do that. The only thing I skipped is obviously u-verse voice because I already pay bill for wireless cell phone. The only thing that mostly annoys me in bills are surcharges or taxes. In Chicago alone, cell phone taxes are close to 20%. And some of those for TV and Internet add up too.