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Birmingham, AL

What to check for when your PC freezes at the POST

It is a comment knowledge for most of us here, but for those who do not know what to do when your PC would freeze at the POST.

Here are the things you could check for:

1. HD gone bad.
2. RAM issue
3. A DVD Or CD-ROM drive gone bad
4. Possibly PSU issue.

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Columbus, OH
I've come to learn after a while that it could be any plethora of things and just to prepare for the worst. Try the easiest/cheapest first but be prepared for something more ugly.

I had an older Dell laptop of classic '1.5 inches thick closed, 700Mhz P3 era' that eventually died with POST freezing and I think I chalked it up to the southbridge going on the fritz as it stopped recognizing both the cd-rom and the internal hard disk despite attempts to correct it. Given it was not usb bootable it was essentially dead at that point.

Computer's are finicky creatures sometimes.
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