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Columbus, OH
reply to DC DSL

Re: Friend needs solid laptop for business use

said by DC DSL:

Dell Latitudes except the small/thin "executive fashion" models. E6500 is a good choice. Spring for the extra cost of 3 year NBD onsite repair plus the "anything you do the poor thing" accidental damage insurance. The builds are solid but it's easy to do things like damage the screen or spill something on it. Get the largest HD offered. You may want to max the RAM as well. Also, go for the highest-resolution display offered. Once you get it, you're not likely to be upgrading anything else except the HD until the day it's retired.

This. Or at the very least, look at the business side of various manufacturers. Only one I have had the experience with is Dell's business side. If Lenovo has similar offerings (not just in hardware, but support and warranties), that is also a viable choice. Notably, unless he is wanting to be 100% hands on and/or spend valuable time/money on fixing the notebook when things break, get service plans!
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