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Re: iGuide A30

I notiuced a bunch of updates to the DVR menu in A30 yesterday.

There are new submenus to the DVR page:

1) Search and record shows based on director or actor last name.
2) Search and record based on show title
3) Import your online Queue of shows and look for them On Demand.


Also getting these periodic A30 guide updates. Many times they "break" my HDMI handshake between the box, the av receiver & the tv (all are HDMI-connected & none have a direct internet connection for auto-updates except for the cable box). This means the first time after the update the components fail to sync up & I have to physically power cycle the converter (RNG200N) which then re-establishes that handshake, and I'm fine from that point on. This has probably happened 3 times now within the past 6 weeks or so. More of a nuisance than anything else really, losing the online guide for a while until it reloads...