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·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Calmuser

Re: [DSL] Poll: Will Bell Tech Show Up or Not?

So far I'm Happy!

Similar speed to what I had on Bell.

Ping times do seem to vary by 5ms or so, compared with Bell.

Download speeds are about right, they do vary alot compared to what I had with Bell though.

Bell I had fairly solid speeds throughout the download.

on TSI now, it seems sometimes they start out slow, then slowly creep up. Or they will start fast, and slowly creep down.

It also different on depending on where i'm downloading from. (same with Bell on the diff servers issue)

I'm not blaming anything on TSI's network yet, as i've not tested enough.

Feels like I made the right choice so far anyways

After I've tested it for a week or so, i'll leave a full review for TSI in the reviews section.


reply to Calmuser
said by Calmuser:

okay a Telecon tech just showed up.

Didn't do anything...

I ask if I was switched at the remote, he says 'yeah all they need to is switch cards' not really directly answering my question!

I said it was up all day still, said well there is nothing I need to do, and left! mentioned I had the pots splitter already.

is this what I wasted $95 on?!!!!

Per the CRTC documentation, the fee includes the Tech going into your home and actually verifying on your computer if you have what you bought.

Seems you didn't get that part that's included with your fee. Ask for a refund?