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Orange, CA
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Re: Determined to get data access - will my plan work?

said by robbin:

said by sklett:

@moderator: Can you please move this thread to "Forums > Industry Forums > Wireless Service Providers"? I don't see a way for me to move it myself.

No, you don't understand. You have already been moved out of the WISP forum -- we have nothing to do with AT&T or cellular service.

You're right, I don't understand. I didn't realize it was moved.


Cobbs Creek, VA
·Metrocast Commun..
reply to sklett
you can put the service "on vacation" ... you want it or not, otherwise enjoy you vacation without having to be connected ... which is the way I go life without wires
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Cobbs Creek, VA
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and yet you want to setup a solar station and a yagi , etc etc etc . Just enjoy your vacation with no noise.
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I Need A Drink
Lebanon, PA

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reply to Anon
said by sklett:

If we can, let's move this to the "hypotethical" realm for the remainder of the thread?

After this comment, all of us professionals now understand what you mean by it. You want us to explain how to do it under the pretense that you wont do it and you are just curious how it would work. Since none of us were born yesterday, we all know you WILL use whatever information we give you and try to make something illegal work.

While you may not care about FCC rules? We do. The FCC dictates a set of rules that we must follow as professional wireless operators. They also dictate what you the individual must follow. The last thing that any of us want is to help you break the law, no matter how insignificant you may think those rules are.

I do understand what you want to do and why you want to do it. I was in your position myself many years ago. I solved my problem by starting a WISP. I also followed all of the rules when doing it.

If everyone just did whatever they wanted with radio gear, it would be chaos and nothing would transmit or receive. AT&T paid millions of $$ for the frequency that got that 3G into the location your friends phone picked it up at.

With that in mind, your experiment with an amp and 2 yagis may cause enough issues to crush the entire CO your location is at. If what I have posted here about your intentions are wrong? My apologies. If they are correct? I am asking you nicely to please reconsider trying any crazy ideas. It could get you in some serious trouble if it causes problems and is found. If you think that AT&T wouldn't sue you for interrupting their licensed frequency and stopping their customers from using a paid service? you would be wrong.

I am NOT trying to anger you. I am just trying to make you understand why none of us will help you and why you are getting some very ugly responses.


Turlock, CA

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did you guys even read the link provided??? it's not illegal, just MAY require prior authorization...


Queen Anne, MD
reply to sklett
Apparently we did read it and you did not.

Monroeville, PA
reply to sklett
Hmm... What about if you have phone, get DSL and just us ea normal Wifi network? Much cheaper.


It could get you in some serious issues if it causes issues and is discovered. If you think that they can sue you for disturbing their certified regularity.