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Tampa Bay
·Verizon FiOS
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reply to squirrel21

Re: Outage Tampa -- No Sympathy for the End User

said by squirrel21:

If the VR system can retrieve my records based on my phone number and it's between midnight and say 4 AM, I don't think they would be alarming too many customers.

Who is going to continually update account records as the upgrade is completed on one router (or group of routers) and the engineer moves on to the next?

And with a customer base as large as Verizon's, do you really think that would happen in realtime-- or close enough to realtime to be useful?

I don't.

said by squirrel21:

It seems that the only good support left after laying off many experienced employees are the field installers. I guess Verizon is not making enough profit on its investments -- NOT!

Yeah, they want rid of their old-school union workers like they want rid of regulated copper.

Is there ever enough "profit" in a public company with shareholders?