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O Fallon, MO


It's sad because it really did look like Charter was on the path to reversing decades of built up animosity and negative feelings; all well deserved, of course.
Even I, the incurable pessimist, was starting to think Charter might be turning around. I almost wanted to like them.
Then... suddenly new management steps in and begins pissing away any progress as fast as they can.
I hate their current "choiceless" offerings and prices. I ditched their video service a long time ago.
Telephone service is a joke. People under 60 generally could give a rats ass about phone service any more (Generally!).
They only good thing they had going for them is their internet service. With the price hikes, lack of choices, and modem debacle it almost appears as if they are trying to drive customers away.
If someone refers to herself / himself as a "guru", they probably aren't.



My thoughts as well.

Nicely stated nunya!

I imagine that many other subscribers are saying the same thing now.

When the prince of Helicopters, Tom Rutledge became CEO is was like they immediately went back to being the same old, detestable provider that I remember back in the early 2000 and before.

Even though the numbers that Karl are mentioning seem to be better for the company, they are a very short term item, and if the customers like ourselves continue to be annoyed enough to leave the long term prospects look grim indeed for the ailing company.

Essentially Tom recently smacked the customers over the head to make the books look good for a short time. It won't last buddy.

I still want to know if this latest brass tack genius Tom Rutledge still gets a helicopter ride between his CT home and office everyday.


Houghton Lake, MI

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Well when you jack up the price for everyone you can make more money. You just have to stop the bleeding of customers mostly Video.

Funny how other country's can delivery internet speeds and cost better then the USA.

Some what old info