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Recon Sniper

Micmac, NS

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[XPHome] Favorites bar

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I am using internet explorer 8 my question is how do I restore the favorites bar that was on the right side, when click on it it was drop down menu but I was messing around and then I hit show icons only, now its gone and all my favorites are showing icons on IE. I just screen shot what Im talking about from my other computer about the favorites bar drop down menu

Recon Sniper

Micmac, NS
never mind I got it, what I did was kept adding a webpage to favorites bar about 12 times then the drop down menu appears again and I select long titles and got back way I had it lol stupid me but figure it out, because on my other computer I had nothing on favorites bar so I kept on adding friends list page to bar so it would fill up on IE then drop down menu appears so then I was wondering on this computer since they all showing icons only theres 7 of them maybe if I keep on adding a page to bar it would fill up and then drop down menu appears ........

An Awesome Dude


I think its easiest to just click FAVOURITES and select from the drop down