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Brooklyn, NY
reply to iansltx

Re: The FCC can't add more 2.4 spectrum...and more 5GHz is good

I have 68 other WiFi networks on 2.4 Ghz. All I did on 2.4 Ghz was print and stream music on my 4th Gen iPod Touch. Even just streaming music was horrible. It will cause buffering. I had to keep switching from channel 6 then back to channel 3 back and forth because of interference.

I then bought a new iPod Touch and a new dual band router and I now have no problems streaming music on the 5 Ghz. My new 5th Gen iPod Touch is the only thing that I have that works on 5 Ghz. Even my Dell XPS laptop from September 2011 only has a crappy 2.4 Ghz wireless so I keep it plugged into Ethernet like anything else that has a Ethernet port is hardwired.


Helena, MT
While sure not a fun RF environment (especially if they aren't nicely laid out 1-5-9-13 or 1-6-11), I bet 2.4GHz is workable. Look at something like Ruckus, their AP's will run standalone (controller isn't needed) and will handle a high noise environment far better. Cost is about $600.