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Re: When

said by aaronwt:

said by decifal:

When netflix completely turns their back on the dvd customers, they will tumble hard... We seen what just the simple threat of splitting the services did to their stock alone...

With pathetic caps, lack of coverage.. DVD's are the primary option for many of us.. And video stores have dried up... It would be stupid to abandon the dvd business with the current cap/overage/lack of penetration being done in this country...

Just the opposite. Less than 30% of their subscribers rent discs now. The vast majority of Netflix subscribers only do streaming.

I doubt that is accurate.. But, let em cutt if off and we shall see I guess people got upset with the threat of a split up simply because? Like many say, the streaming video options are limited and usually outdated stuff.. DVD rentals is not.. Only delayed for a month or so for new release's... I rather have that than the streaming if I had to choose being its soo limited..

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I have been a Netflix member for about 7 years now, started with 3 discs at a time, then went to blu ray. I dropped the DVD portion before the price split and haven't regretted it a single minute.

Streaming costs 8 bucks a month. If you're looking for all the new release movies you can handle for 8 bucks a month from anywhere, I believe you're bound to be disappointed. I personally really like the Netflix library, mostly for the TV, and the cost savings of that vs. buying or renting the hundreds of hours I have watched is just huge. If you want a new release rental service, Netflix streaming just isn't it. I don't know that I'd pay extra for it to be one, either. There are like 10 redbox kiosks within 5 miles that will rent the same movies Netflix has on blu ray for $1.50, and one B&M movie rental place left that has things the day they're released if I REALLY want to see it NOW. I feel like all my bases are covered.