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Houston, TX

at&t u-verse billed adsl problems

we've had DSL for a little over a year with at&t and it says u-verse on my bill but from what i've been reading here, we are way too far to have actual u-verse service. the router/modem we have is a motorola nvg510... the majority of the duration of our service has been problem free until december when the drops began. since december, we've had five or six technicians dispatched to investigate. in one of the last dispatches, they ran a new line from the outside box on the apartment property to the bigger box outside the gate. it was the last tech that came out a few days ago that really did it for me. the tech did swap out the modem but in speaking to a "level 2" tech, it was determined that we were too far for a 6M profile and that we should drop down to a 3M profile. and my question was if we don't qualify for a 6M profile, why do we have it? most of the time, we hit 5M with the exception of the drop outs. when those happen, the modem loses sync and then fails at authentication. i think the longest this happened, the service was out for maybe an hour and a half. when we call about the issue, the loop tests always come back with errors and it guarantees that a tech will be dispatched. i did not accept the downgrade and said we'd try the new modem for a while. there's about 10.5k feet of wire between our modem and the CO. the 6M limit, we were told, is 9k feet. how can they sell us something if we don't qualify?

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San Jose, CA
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I am surprised you could get 6 Mbps at 10,000 feet. I could only get 3 Mbps at 9,156 feet.

Let me back up a bit: Are you served from a CO? I am, and was; old residence was at 9,156 feet. The line statistics fell just short of supporting 6 Mbps. SNR ("Signal to Noise Ratio"; aka, "Noise Margin") was 11.0 dB and Attenuation was 51.0 dB. The modem indicated the estimated MaxSync Rate to be 5200 kbps, which is shy of the 6016 kbps required for the 6.0 Mbps tier.

But that was the older, ADSL, service. U-verse Internet was not available to us; right up until we fired them. We now have Sonic.net "Fusion" there, which is ADSL2+, and not sold by tier. They are a CLEC, and only use the AT&T copper between the premises and the CO. The DSLAM belongs to Sonic.net. The ZTE 831II ZXDSL ADSL2+ modem syncs at 5900 kbps, so throughput runs about 4.9 Mbps.

Your NVG510 modem sounds like the ADSL2+ IPDSL modem, which is U-verse HSI. At 10,000 feet, it is unlikely that the line is capable of better performance than our 9,156 foot loop.

AT&T sells by tier, and would require 6016 kbps sync for the 6.0 Mbps service. If they can't get reliable sync at 6016 kbps, they will want you on the next lower tier, which is 3.0 Mbps (3008 kbps sync).

Also, since the NVG510 is a U-verse modem, I expect the AT&T U-verse forum would have more pertinent information. So I will request the mods to move it. The experts likely have better info than I.
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Belleville, IL
reply to melodywhr
Unfortunately the tech was right you are too far for 6m, the question I have is when it was installed over a year ago did a tech come out for the install or did they just ship you the nvg510 and you plugged it in.

I do run into this a lot when I am doing install where the system will let a certain area get a higher speed than what they should really be getting. That is one thing that should be checked upon install if a tech did the install. I would lower the profile if i was doing your install while I was there if I had seen that to begin with