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Re: When

I have been a Netflix member for about 7 years now, started with 3 discs at a time, then went to blu ray. I dropped the DVD portion before the price split and haven't regretted it a single minute.

Streaming costs 8 bucks a month. If you're looking for all the new release movies you can handle for 8 bucks a month from anywhere, I believe you're bound to be disappointed. I personally really like the Netflix library, mostly for the TV, and the cost savings of that vs. buying or renting the hundreds of hours I have watched is just huge. If you want a new release rental service, Netflix streaming just isn't it. I don't know that I'd pay extra for it to be one, either. There are like 10 redbox kiosks within 5 miles that will rent the same movies Netflix has on blu ray for $1.50, and one B&M movie rental place left that has things the day they're released if I REALLY want to see it NOW. I feel like all my bases are covered.