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West Chester, PA
reply to shredhead

Re: just got TV but trouble with Verizon router

said by shredhead :

I'm not sure why but the STB's are static addresses.

No, the STBs do not use static IP addresses. If you did not reboot (power cycle) them, they would have retained their previous DHCP addresses until the DHCP lease expired.
said by shredhead :

Maybe if the STBs reboot they will flip back to DHCP on their own. It doesn't matter.

Yes, it does matter. If you reboot the STBs, they will request a new DHCP lease. If they are not able to obtain a DHCP lease, VOD and guide data updates will not function.
said by shredhead :

But I have no remote access to the DVR.

That is a disadvantage of option #6 which is documented in the FAQ.
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