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Madera, CA
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Re: The current expected response...

Rooting your phone is not unlocking it. after root you still will not be able to take your phone to a different carrier. Two different things.
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Carpentersville, IL
This is why I'll never have more then just a "standard cell phone" that just does talk. (Like a trackphone).

I guess I see that they should be like a TV, or a desktop/laptop. If I buy a TV, it does not matter if I hook it up to an OTA signal, Direct TV, Dish, Comcast, Time Warner, or whoever. Its a TV, and everything inside works with any provider, regardless of who made the TV, and regardless of my provider of the service.

With a Desktop or Laptop, I can install whatever parts I want. If its a Dell Desktop, I can use a Maxtor Hard Drive, GeForce Video card, etc. It does not have to be Dell parts. I can install Windows XP, Windows 8, Linux, OS-X, etc and it does not matter. I can take the same desktop or laptop, and use it to connect to the internet with Cablevision, FIOS, Verizon DSL, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Brighthouse, whoever. Does not matter. I know in all of these, its the cable modem or DSL Modem that make the connection, but I think you get my point here.

Again, its a device that you can purchase, and use. If I want to take the phone and use it on the Sprint Network, or the T-Mobile network, or the Nextel Network, or the AT&T Network, I should be allowed to do so, using the same logic that I made above in regards to TV's and Computers.

Back to the TV again, it would be like telling me that if I bought a TV from LG, I could only watch CBS and HBO, and not the History Channel, as that TV is not "Approved" to be used to view content on the "History Channel Network".

--Brian Plencner

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