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« Guns pointed at people??
This is a sub-selection from It's their right.

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reply to whoaru99

Re: It's their right.

said by whoaru99:

said by bTU:

The NFA doesn't ban most of those, you just need to pay a $200 tax for a stamp provided by the ATF. I have 2 short barreled rifles in 5.56 chambering that are registered with the ATF. The reason most people think they are banned by NFA is because you don't see them in most gun stores since my full auto ran me 12k, and a lot of others can run over 20k. SBR's can be built for about 900 with decent parts and another 200 for the tax stamp, and a 90 day wait from the ATF.

What's your point? That a law abiding citizen can be trusted, despite allegations otherwise?


I think his point is, you said
There already is and has been for about 80 years. It's called the National Firearms Act, which prohibits things like machine guns (automatic) weapons, sawed-off shotguns, bombs, missiles, large bore rifles, etc.
Technically they aren't prohibited, at least by the Feds. You just need to pass their requirements for owning them.
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I understand what was said, which is why I questioned the point with this...

That a law abiding citizen can be trusted, despite allegations otherwise?

99.999% of gun owners haven't shot anyone and ten times less than that haven't killed anyone. The overwhelming majority of gun owners are fine, upstanding citizens, despite insinuations and or allegations otherwise.